Spontaneous. Yeah, that’s it! Spontaneous! No stunning expressions, no suggestive quotes, no touching tales. Probably the best way to give birth to this new section is the same way of the other experiences of this great adventure we are living: spontaneously.  That’s how started ViviSostenibile. That’s how the “tree within stones” began to arise. And that’s how is spreading all around the country a new idea of journey, discovering faces, stories, tastes, meeting people before visiting places, searching for the Human Destination.

And that’s how the first words of this section came out:  Eliana’s Tree, free thoughts of a person who made out of hospitality, relationships and exchange her bread and butter. Eliana live from the Sassi: who’s today’s guest and how did he arrive here? Which are the next ideas that she will figure out and realize? How can we be more eco-friendly? But don’t expect punctuality  from her: she’s a real host, she’s got to look after the Tree, to welcome guests, to organize events. Rather, think about this section like a diary where our lady of the house, at the end of the day, write to me and to you. Let’s feel like we were her guests, sitting in the living room with a glass of good wine in the hand, chatting with her.  And what about going to visit Eliana for real?

We will converse,  between daily gossip and deeper thoughts, feelings of a visit and plans for the future.  From L’Albero to Human Destination, from Eliana to Francesco. But it will be an open meeting: in our room we have many chairs, we’re just waiting for you to join us!