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Eco Friendly

Here at L’Albero di Eliana, our love for the environment starts with a great care for resources such as water and energy and with the purchase of local products. We pay great attention to the reduction, reuse and correct recycling of waste. My furniture is mainly hand-made by local craftsmen by using natural materials or by re-using waste items. When we buy anything, we put care into the reduction of packaging. Soaps and detergents are eco-friendly or local. Moreover, we use tips like condensing boilers, new window frames and doors, energy-saving or led light bulbs, and class-A electrical appliances which allow the reduction of any energy waste. We are also a member of the networks È nostra and Retenergie, two cooperatives dealing with clean, local and shared energy.
The thick calcarenite walls and the new windows frames let us avoid the air conditioning, we ask our guests a bit of attention to follow our instructions to live here at the best in the summertime and to let us have a lower impact on the environment.

We strongly believe that sustainability starts from our own daily choices: only together, we can make a difference!

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