standard-title Eliana’s Tree

Eliana’s Tree

Immersed in the heart of Sasso Caveoso, L’Albero di Eliana is a b&b created in an ancient building and composed by an independent area, Eliana’s house, two rooms and a common area for guests. L’Albero has been studied and furnished to give the opportunity to enjoy a long stay, that’s why in the common area the guests can use the kitchen, relax with a cup of tea or entertain with books, crochet or games. The floors and the furniture made by natural materials, the wide arched ceilings and the creativity all around make the house comfortable and welcoming for an unforgettable stay. L’Albero di Eliana is also “Matera’s Herbs house”, here you’ll be able to find informative material about the herbs of this area. In the good season you can enjoy the courtyard in a typical neighbourhood in the Sassi.

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The Eliana Tree is part of the "Destinazione Umana" network