What brought me to L’Albero?

Everything started in Rome, where after a few years of office work I understood that the Big City life was really not for me!
That set, I moved to Australia, where my passions could finally find fertile ground, and where I learned much on sustainable and slow living. After two years I decided to move back to Matera, where my roots are, bringing home a bag full of energy and inspirations.
In my hometown I found the perfect environment where to live the kind of life I wanted, on a human scale, together with many interesting communities with which to collaborate.

A few years before, my parents purchased a dusty and semi-abandoned building in the Sassi, the oldest part of town. From Rome to Australia I was never able to make up my mind on what to use it for. Once in Matera, I finally realised that I was ready to start my project, and that building was the how perfect home for that. Who could ever imagine what a great transformation where about to have those dusty cracked rooms!?
I was actually driven by the idea, that I shared with some other like-minded people, of dwelling again in the wonderful Sassi and making them alive as it was in the past.

That’s how L’Albero was born!

It has grown day by day, becoming both a B&B and a life-journey made of mistakes, satisfactions, friendships and a lot of inspiration.
I left my dream open to possibilities, and maybe that’s why it keeps on attracting caring travelers, helpers and friends who give me the strength to keep things going. Seeing these rooms, once grey and empty, and now so colourful and filled with energy and small details to discover: I am so amazed by that! You should truly see it to believe me!
Nowadays the Sassi have a different vocation than the one they had once I moved back here. But even if the situation is sometimes not favourable for us residents, we are still able to enjoy the magic of this wonderful corner of the world.
Here it is how L’Albero looked when we first met, and here it is how it evolved during the last years. These pictures make me always move back in time, letting me think about all the road I’ve been walking, one that I could never imagine before!