I watched this video during the Waste Reduction Day of the last 9th of april. I love it so much and now I want to say something about that, because I really care about this issue.

Recycling is something that we all should do everyday – and not only during this particular celebration – with small actions that will become increasingly natural and easy to reduce our impact on the environment.

Where to start? From the shopping!

First rule: avoid disposable things.
Second rule: avoid sigle-use things. If you already have plastic bags, use them several times before throwing away.
Use scrap fabric to create funny and colourful bags.

Purchase from markets, farmer markets, responsible shopping groups and direct selling points. In this way, you will reduce packaging and transportation costs.

If you have to go to the supermarket choose between different products, opt for the one with the less polluting and harmful for environment package. Always choose eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Avoid plastic and opt for paper and glass, they are also healthier for you. Try to find the closest shop that sells unpackaged products.
Just think about all the bottles, jars and packages of soap, milk, pasta, detergent you can save from wasting.

Drink only tap water, when potable.

Produce as much as possible on your own. Try to buy food products made by one ingredient only. Use more times glass or metal bins. Enjoy the pondering side of a meal preparation which will make you and people around you much happier.

Never forget to contaminate people around you with good practices of recycling and never give up learning from your neighbour: nothing is more impressive and exciting than the exemple!

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