The second working bee day has been managed thanks to Casa netural: hands, minds and tools at work for the garden at L’Albero.

Do you know Casa netural?

Casa netural was born as a co-working space and I saw it growing exponentially, becoming a business incubator, co-living space and in general a landmark for those who arrive in town and for the locals. The community meetings are designed both to let people get together and be inspired by interesting projects, and to promote activities for children. In its seven years, the association organized also community walks to discover the territory, built the first urban garden in Matera and led so many projects that it would be impossible to mention all of them.

I believed in Casa netural from the very first meeting with Mariella and Andrea, the co-founders. I soon found my place coordinating RI-netural, a cycle of events about sustainable life-styles, but I’ve also been part of the team of Agri-netural, the urban garden, and now I deal with “sustainable shopping”, organizing swap parties with some other “Netural team” members, with the aim to sensitise people about conscious consumption.

The team of Casa Netural is composed by many members who also lent a hand here at L’Albero. Andrea, for instance, apart from helping me in many occasions, organized a beautiful workshop on self-building where we created a vertical garden and a flower box for herbs using simple pallets.
This intense workshop was attended also by my former colleagues from the Communication Office of the European Institute of Design. Even if they have immediately declared themselves “inexperienced”, they gathered courage and strenght, and worked hard nailing, hammering and sanding until late in the night. At the end it was very nice to chill out all together and being regenerated by the dinner offered by our favourite tourist guide, Marisa.

In the pictures you can see the product of our teamwork. And it’s always a joy seeing this creations and remembering the wonderful moments of sharing and co-designing that we have used to realize them.

casa net 2
casa net 4
casa net 3
casa net 1
casa net
casa net 6