I always define L’Albero like this: a project of a thousand hands.

Here at L’Albero there’s always been participation, since the structural works when it was nice to work together with the builders and learn from them among laughs and misunderstandings.
Once we closed the building site, all friends, the near and the far ones, lent their hands to this project: in the choices to be made, answering very patiently to the questionnaire about L’Albero (I didn’t even think about the mosquito streams!), in the invention of the name during a very interesting brainstorming dinner, in the cleaning, creative projects and often in the hospitality itself. It still happens that friends have breakfast with my guests during the “breakfasts with locals” and that’s a very special moment.

And so here we are, with a tribute dedicated to everyone who has done something big or small for L’Albero and its truly thanks to this that the environment is so warm, welcoming and enriched by a good energy. The energy comes from the people, from those who have donated objects lived by them, from those who have believed in my project and have contributed to make it special.

In the end L’Albero would not have been this without all of you.

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