Working Bee Days and Casa Netural

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The second working bee day has been managed thanks to Casa netural: hands, minds and tools at work for the garden at L’Albero. Do you know Casa netural? Casa netural was born as a co-working space and I saw it growing exponentially, becoming a business incubator, co-living space and in general a landmark for those […]

Reducing the waste is…sexy!

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I watched this video during the Waste Reduction Day of the last 9th of april. I love it so much and now I want to say something about that, because I really care about this issue. Recycling is something that we all should do everyday – and not only during this particular celebration – with […]

A project of a thousand hands

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I always define L’Albero like this: a project of a thousand hands. Here at L’Albero there’s always been participation, since the structural works when it was nice to work together with the builders and learn from them among laughs and misunderstandings. Once we closed the building site, all friends, the near and the far ones, […]

First step for an eco-friendly b&b in the Sassi

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What brought me to L’Albero? Everything started in Rome, where after a few years of office work I understood that the Big City life was really not for me! That set, I moved to Australia, where my passions could finally find fertile ground, and where I learned much on sustainable and slow living. After two […]

From L’Albero to Human Destination: Eliana’s diary!

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Spontaneous. Yeah, that’s it! Spontaneous! No stunning expressions, no suggestive quotes, no touching tales. Probably the best way to give birth to this new section is the same way of the other experiences of this great adventure we are living: spontaneously.  That’s how started ViviSostenibile. That’s how the “tree within stones” began to arise. And […]